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When Dr. Toi Curry first began working with me two years ago, I was lacking skills in math, writing, and organizational , as well as social skills. Over the course of a year I was able to not only improve, but excel at the subjects I once lagged behind in. For example prior to working with Dr. Curry my writing was disorganized and hard to decipher. Now after two years later my writing has gotten much better and this quarter I have a final English grade of an A. But, she has not just helped me achieve academic success she has also helped me achieve social success too. For example the skills and tips she has taught me has helped me weed out acquaintances from real friends. It is because of Dr. Curry I have been able to achieve all of these things

-Tyler R.

Dr. Toi Curry is an exceptional clinician who worked with my nine year old daughter while she was in the fourth grade. She employed a strength based approach which really increased my daughter’s confidence and self- esteem. Dr. Curry was able to engage and motivate her while she learned new social skills, which improved her relationship with her peers at school. My daughter’s academic skills also improved significantly as a result of working with Dr. Curry.

- Ms. B. (Tyler R's Mom)



Toi was a very good tutor. She us a good tutor because she was very helpful. When I got something wrong she did not make me feel bad. She was also very engaging. She always knew how to talk to people and thus made me very comfortable. That is why Toi is an awesome tutor.

–Nia G.

Words cannot really describe my experience with Toi. She was one of the best educational decisions that I could have made for my daughter. She was organized, committed, and very effective. Toi has given my daughter the opportunity to succeed and now she approaches school with confidence and commitment.

–Mrs. G. (Nia's Mom)